Breaking the Cycle Through Education

Alex is a hard worker and manages a small landscaping business. Although he works full time, Alex occasionally has to come to the Center for food assistance. It was during one of these visits where he learned about Jobs for Life. Intrigued by the class, he signed up. On the first day, the instructor passed Read More

Blessing our Future Home

It was during our recent “Bless our Future Home” event when we met Cheryl. She had once been a volunteer in the late 1990’s when Center of Hope was known as The Provision Center. But years later, Cheryl was struggling to make ends meet after a divorce. “I was a displaced homemaker,” Cheryl remembers. “I Read More

The Power of Encouragement

If you have ever witnessed a Jobs for Life graduation, you would see the amazing impact this 8-week job training class has on our students. The journey students undergo is powerful and what started as an obligation turns into a life-changing experience that strengthens them educationally, emotionally and spiritually. As you will find out in Read More

Smiles of Hope

A picture-perfect smile falls just out of reach for many individuals living in poverty. Dental care is not an option and can lead to pain and infection of untreated mouth diseases. Center of Hope’s dental program, Kingdom Smiles, is the only program in Parker County that provides dental services to low-income participants who are experiencing Read More

God Opening Doors

Christine looked into the eyes of her 8-year old son and knew what she had to do. Tomorrow she would take a giant step towards her future – working on getting her GED. But this step wouldn’t be easy for Christine because she struggled with the fear of failure, being looked down upon and feeling Read More

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