Everyday Miracles

If you have ever attended Center of Hope’s Lunch & Learn, you would have heard the famous “Cake” story. This is a story that describes a sweet lady who experienced something amazing just picking out a birthday cake. The truth is, God, blesses us every day with small miracles! Here are a few of our favorite stories:

Surprise Turkey

A couple of days before Christmas, Jamie came to the Center wondering if we have any turkeys left. Unfortunately, one of our volunteers had to break the news that we did not have any. Jamie understood and continued to shop for items in the pantry. As Jamie and the volunteer unloaded the groceries in the car, a woman pulled up next to the volunteer, rolled down her window and handed him a turkey and said, “I hope this will bless someone this Christmas.” Jaime and the volunteer couldn’t help but laugh with amazement over this blessing!

Unexpected Friends

Coordinating churches to serve in the kitchen is no easy feat. On this particular day, we made a mistake and accidentally scheduled two churches, Clearfork Baptist and Church at the Crossing, to serve on the same day. The two churches were very accommodating and decided they would serve together. Thank goodness we had extra people in the kitchen because this day ended up being one of our busiest serving days ever – over 120 meals! God knew that these two churches needed each other. Today, you can still find these two churches enjoying each other’s company serving in the kitchen together.

Obedient Giving

One summer morning, Laura was on her way to work and decided to run by the grocery store to pick up items for her lunch. As she was shopping, God laid Center of Hope on her heart. She took a basket and began filling it with food. In fact, she filled three baskets of groceries. Upon delivering the food to the Center, she found that our pantry shelves were nearly empty and that we were in desperate need of food. Her donation would be a blessing to many!

Special Delivery

Taking a bad situation and turning it into something good is exactly what happened in this story. It was almost Thanksgiving and the interstate was busy with traffic. A semi-trailer was experiencing some issues and had to pull over. For the driver, this was bad news because his truck had broken down and he was carrying a load of frozen turkeys. Knowing the food would go bad, he called Center of Hope and we were given 650 turkeys! With more food than we could ever need, we ended up sharing this miracle with other nonprofits in the area.

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