Blessing our Future Home

It was during our recent “Bless our Future Home” event when we met Cheryl. She had once been a volunteer in the late 1990’s when Center of Hope was known as The Provision Center. But years later, Cheryl was struggling to make ends meet after a divorce. “I was a displaced homemaker,” Cheryl remembers. “I had little schooling and work experience and was very fearful for my future.” The only place Cheryl felt like she could turn was Center of Hope.

“Going from a volunteer to a person who needs services is a very different experience,” says Cheryl. “I received assistance, but it was taking the Computer Class that gave me the confidence to desire more for myself.” Cheryl worked hard and was able to attend Weatherford College, receiving her degree at a college in Houston and find work as an Occupational Therapist in Fort Worth.

“I heard about this event and knew that I needed to come and bless this place with scripture,” said Cheryl.
“Center of Hope has meant so much to me and I know they will continue helping others who find themselves in difficult situations.”

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