Serving with Love

There is always something very special going on in the kitchen at Center of Hope. On any given day, you will find men and women of all ages cooking, preparing, serving and praying for individuals in need. The food they bring is anything but ordinary – homemade meals, desserts and bread that fill the hearts and stomachs of people who are hungry. Recently, I had the chance to talk with a couple of ladies serving with their church. These women have served for years and according to them, “Love every second of it.”

“I do not come to the Center just because it is my church’s time to serve,” states Fran. “I come because it is my duty to serve. We all find it amazing to see how God provides for so many. There are days where we were sure the food was going to run out, but with God in control, it never does. What a blessing it is to see everyone who is hungry get to eat.”

“About a year ago, I decided that it was time for me to retire from serving,” remembers another volunteer. “I have poor hearing and didn’t think that I would be helpful. But after missing a couple of times, I knew that I needed to come back.  Now I prepare the meals before they go to the dining room. I enjoy the fellowship, sharing stories and laughing with my friends. It is my favorite thing to do.”

Center of Hope is grateful for the 2,000+ dedicated volunteers who give of their time and resources to come and spread a little joy to individuals through the Center’s kitchen. They are the hands and feet of Jesus who are feeding the hungry, sharing a warm smile, and taking the time to pray with the individuals who are hurting and need someone to care. Not only is God working in the lives of our participants, but He works in the hearts of the volunteers who serve here too.
If your group is interested in volunteering in the kitchen, please contact Jennifer Bledsoe at 817-594-0266 ext. 322 or you can fill out the group application form at Serving in the kitchen is ideal for groups 6-8 and minimum volunteer age is 18.